Friday, April 4, 2008

So many things to update!

So I have been a little silent lately, and I apologize. My life has been a little busy lately, and we have been trying to do some work around the house. I was going to post a bunch of pictures today, but I think I may have left my camera at work, at least I HOPE I left my camera at work. I have pictures of our little pile of snow that used to be our Easter snowman, a really mean trick that Mother Nature pulled on us the day before April Fool's, and my celebration of the the High Holy Holiday, the Minnesota Twins home opener! But I guess those pictures will have to wait.

I can add to this post that one of the requirements of the swap that I am in right now is to take in my blog about another swap member's blog that I found something that we have in common. I guess it would have to be the person that I will be sending a package to, Ponyknits. She posts that she was in a Red Sox Swap, which intrigued me. Since baseball is my religion, I thought her post about that was neat-o!

On my knitting needles at the current time are coffee cup cozies that I knit, felt and sell at, and a baby blanket that I just can't seem to finish!

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