Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Peacock scarf

The school that I work at has a fundraiser/auction every year in March. It is quite the "to-do" with people in attendance dressing in very fancy clothes and spending oodles of money. This year, I decided that I would donate something to the live auction. (Actually, I bought the yarn, knit the scarf, and then decided I didn't really like the colors. The yarn was expensive Malabrigo hand painted wool, so I hated to part with it. I decided to do something good with it instead.)

At the school that I work at, there is an order of Nuns that raise peacocks. Since the colors in the yarn were teal, aqua and gold, I thought that I would call it the peacock scarf and donate it to the silent auction.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bottle of red, bottle of white

So my friends Becky, Niki and Erin and I get together about once a month for a good ol' happy hour. We go way back (we were all gophers) and so we have been doing this quite a while. Not too long ago, we decided that instead of having a happy hour, we should find somewhere to do a wine tasting. Niki found a wine tasting class through her Community Ed program, and booked us.

The class was held at a wine shop called "Wine Styles" in Champlin. It was a great wine shop with a lot of selection and well organized. We tasted a bubbly one that was almond flavored (YUM!) and a couple of reds and whites. I am not a huge wine drinker, but it was a lot of fun. The last wine that we tasted was a dessert wine called "Chocolate Amore". I wasn't too sure about it, but after taking a sip, I was hooked! It tasted like a liquid Tootsie Roll. It was pretty good.

It was a nice diversion from our regular Happy Hour. Unfortunately, Erin was sick and wasn't able to join us. (Niki's Step-mom was a fabulous step in for the ailing Erin.) Here is a picture of Niki and Becky toasting to Erin's health! Get well, Erin, we will catch you next month!

Friday, February 8, 2008

I think I am finally ready to talk about it...

Last week, a trade was made. It was a trade that made me so upset, that yes, I had tears in my eyes. I felt betrayed and angry. I felt as though there was no hope for the future.

Now time has passed, and I feel a little better. So maybe this year will be a year of rebuilding. I will stand by my guys. I will still yell at the top of my lungs. I will still buy the ticket.

It still stings a bit though...