Thursday, January 17, 2008

I think she had something to do with it!

A few weekends ago, E and I were "up North" at our favorite B & B, Woodland Trails. It just happened to be my birthday, so we went out for dinner at a steakhouse in Siren, WI, that we go to when we are at Woodland Trails. We were early getting into Siren, so we decided to shop a little. We stopped at a store that was next door to an antique shop that we had been to before. When we visited the antique shop before, it was the dirtiest, smelliest antique shop we had ever been to. In fact E, with his allergies, walked out sneezing.

E decided he was just going to "peek his head" into the antique shop, and I warned him about the sneezing fit he could acquire while we visited. But, this time, the shop was clean, neat, wasn't smelly, and you could actually walk through the aisles! We mentioned how much we were impressed to the shop owner, and she said that she requires all of her sellers to wash their items. Then, she pointed to one area of the store, and said that the seller in that area has a hard time washing his stuff, but he was getting better. I looked over, and I couldn't believe my eyes! Not because everything was clean, but because there happened to be a blue cracked glass pitcher that matches a set of tumblers that were my grandparent's.

When my Grandma passed away last year, I asked for those tumblers, as I had always loved them when I was a kid. I didn't really want anything else, and I was lucky enough to get them.
(I did acquire a few hundred knitting needles, also, which is not a bad thing either!)

Sometimes, I think there are little signs from my Grandma, and I really think this might have been one of them. Especially since it was my birthday, I really do believe this.


bennigan said...

Oh Gretchen...your secret is safe with me.

Can't wait for our knitting weekend. It should be lots of fun.


PumpkinGirl said...

Neat! I think I get little hellos from my grandma too. It's a good feeling!