Saturday, January 26, 2008


Over the Christmas break, I had a woman who runs a candy making business out of her home called Sweet Wishes, come and teach the kids in the Extended Day program that I coordinate about cupcake decorating. I had her come in last school year during our Spring Break to show us how to make candy. Judy, the woman behind Sweet Wishes, is fantastic! She really knows her "stuff" and engages the kids totally into what they are about to do. And, the best part, she brings everything with her, so you don't have to go out and purchase supplies! (If you have kids, I recommend her for birthday or school parties.)

On the day she came in, we were able to decorate 4 different cupcakes. I even got into the action! Here is my favorite of the 4, a ladybug...

Isn't it cute? I was pretty proud of it! Here are the others...

There is a tie-dyed cupcake, the lady bug, a teddy bear's picnic cupcake and worms in dirt. So much fun!

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