Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008!

Well, another year has come and gone, and I am actually happy to say that I am glad to see it go. It has been a really hard year. With the loss of my dear Grandmother and dealing with some infertility issues, I can say that I am truly looking forward to 2008.

My resolution for myself this year is to be a better budgeter. My personal finances are finally getting to where I want them to be, so I have some ideas to become better at planning a budget! Also, I would like to possibly open my own Etsy store, and with that I want to manage my crafting time more wisely (instead of leaving it all to a 2 month period and freaking out!). I have some of my stuff on Knot and Bauble but I think I am ready to expand.

E and I have decided to make a resolution together, also. We are planning on making a "menu for the week" for dinners together and sticking to it. We see this as a way to save money and calories! One of our favorite things to do recently is to go to Trader Joe's on Sunday mornings. We figure if we sitck to that routine, we can shop for the week and then come home and plan our menu.

I am never really that good at sticking to my resolutions, but I think this time may be different. (I am sure I have said that before!)

May you all have a healthy and happy 2008!!!

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